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Surfing In Shoes

I scraped a chunk of flesh out of the arch of my foot in a surfing mishap on the weekend... am now forced to hobble around... if only I'd worn my KT26's surfing. Wouldn't be the first time.

2008 Kokoda Challenge

Worth noting that the 2008 Kokoda Challenge was won by Brendan Buka (again) in a time of 16:34:05. Solid time... only one guess for what was strapped to his feet!

Mar. 27th, 2009

Currently considering how Dunlop KT-26s could solve the global financial crisis (GFC). There must be a way. Input welcome...

Mar. 26th, 2009

Dang! How time flies... Time has really gotten away from me... For those avid readers out there (I know who you are), thank you for checking htis blog at least daily while I have been offline. I have been on many an adventure since last posting, most often strapped into a pair of trusty KT's...

So what has changed? Well, most excitingly, Sabes is now just one size away from being able to wear men's KT's. It is a crying shame that while Dunlop make KT's for small children (see previous posts), those poor children are then forced to wear inferior shoes for ten years in between. I might also like to add here that the awesome KT's on ChaCha below were stolen, presumed lost or destroyed, by the Evil One. Very disappointing...

While we are speaking about disappointing things, I was dismayed to see the pasting that Sue Morphet (Pacific Brands CEO) has been copping. I put forward the current cost of KT-26s as the best demonstration of the value of globalisation. No lazy Australian fool could pump a pair of those puppies out for $29.97... But some smart Australian dude recognised their value and put them into production. The moral? Stick to what you're good at people.

KT26s - A New Frontier

So I'm in Kmart on Saturday to get my mate's daughter a birthday present. I had the kids with me, so went looking for a pair of double pluggers for ChaCha. Thought she needed a pair as she has been wearing Sabes' thongs for a week. Sabes doesn't need any more excuses to get around bare foot.

I was extremely disappointed with Kmart's selection of thongs, particularly for the girls. Don't girls wear thongs anymore? I don't mean those "trendy" single-plugger Havianas junk. I'm talking about quality footwear... Double dragons, dragon straps, the original double pluggers. I've got kids, I need something that's gonna last.... (how's the segue?)...

Just when I was about to give up, I came across KT26s for kids... Here is ChaCha modeling her new paid of KTs...

All class... the girl and the shoes! The tread pattern isn't the same as big boys KT26's, which does hold them back a little. ChaCha slipped over 4 times in a row (wet floor) running to get in the climbing castle at the party we were on the way to here. She obviously learns quickly, just like her old man. I'm sure she wouldn't have slipped at all if the tread pattern was the conventional pattern. Solid as a mountain goat!

The only setback was the cost. The cost a little over $24 for the pair. Given you can get a full-sized pair for $29.82 (last I checked), I thought this a little steep. Perhaps the KT26 styling is finally getting recognised and they are going to start selling for a premium to the cost of the inputs?

Either way, I think this is a great development. Just like Commonwealth Bank's Dollarmite campaign, anything which gets children into positive life-long habits is to be applauded.

Now Dunlop, all you need to do now is to release shoes for the in-the-middle ages. Sabes is dying to strap on the KT26s, but I guess he'll just have to wait for the time being.

On on!

Fake KT26s

I have previously mentioned that Papua New Guineans, the style slaves they are, are big fans of KT26s. Most people in PNG don't wear shoes at all. Their feet are tougher than leather. They walk on the road in the middle of the day with no shoes all the time. I tested it out to see if the road surface was some sort of special heat dissipater, but I can assure you it wasn't. That road was hot enough to melt tyres!

So when Papua New Guineans put shoes on, they are very selective. They don't NEED to wear shoes, they don't even HAVE to wear shoes. So when they do wear shoes, they're looking for a mix of style and quality. I found it very disturbing to come across the shoes in the picture. Fake KT's! I couldn't believe it. And to add insult to injury, they actually retail for more than a pair of KT's here in Australia. Where is the WTO? Forget piracy in China, this is a much bigger issue. These poor people might get the style for their money, but they're not going to get the quality build inherent in every pair of Dunlop KT26s. Bloody Vita.

Bougainville Adventure

Well, we've recently returned from a bit of an adventure to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. To learn more about Bougainville, click here. Bougainville is a fascinating place. The war is over and things are getting back to normal. We went a little feral, camped on a deserted island for a week, amongst other things. We spent hours travelling down the Bovo River, which was great. Here is a picture of me and my son Saban kicking around in the Bovo. It is a pristine river. Notice the shoes. Safe as mountain goats across the slippery river rocks!

Bovo River

Noosa Tri - Done and Dusted

Well, yesterday I completed the Noosa Triathlon. It was a great weekend. As always, the event was well run and the run leg was very hot. My trusty KT26's carried me the last 10k's in comfort and style. I did make an adjustment to them pre-race, the addition of stretchy laces to ensure a quick transition to the run leg. Very important.

As far as I could see, I was the only one wearing KT26's.  I wonder if the run course was off-road whether there would be more people in them. I really don't know why more people don't embrace the KT26 phenomenon. I saw plenty of Asics Gel Noosa Tri racing flats out there. Quite possibly the most ridiculous looking shoes ever to hit the production line. So it certainly isn't because of looks.

I wonder if more KT26's would be sold if their price was $180 rather than the $29.74 you can pick them up at BigW for. That would be an interesting exercise. Maybe they could release a fluro model? Seems to work for Asics.

A question...

Why does it seem that everyone I see wearing KT26s has a beard?

Noosa Triathlon

I have decided to compete in the Noosa Triathlon on 29 October 2006. I am fairly certain that I will be the only competitor wearing KT26s. Triathletes are such gear hounds, anything new and whiz-bang is coveted, whether it is better than that being replaced or not. Bring it on.

Note to self: Better start training.